Email Archiving and Compliance

Never Lose Email Again - Stay Compliant and in Control

Whether communicating with clients or employees, email has become a principal business tool for almost all companies. Retention and management of these records are essential to protect your company’s intellectual capital and to ensure regulatory compliance. To enable your business to meet these requirements, We Are IT offers Message Archiver which is an industry-leading compliance archiving and monitoring solution to securely store email for regulatory compliance, audits and eDiscovery.

Powerful & Easy User Interface:

  • One-Click recovery to Outlook
  • Online user access for self-service search
  • Rapid search and retrieval via full text indexing and search engine technology
  • Searches on message, headers, and all attachments
  • Archive both new and existing mail
  • Powerful online interface for simple, end-user access

Powerful & Easy Implementation & Administration:

  • Messages are serialized & time-date stamped
  • Eliminates PST files and migrates existing data to archive
  • Administrator-controlled access
  • No software or hardware required
  • Simple seamless integration with existing email services including Exchange
  • No software to purchase and install
  • Comprehensive message audit trail

Redundancy & Compliance Features:

  • Geographically isolated offsite backup
  • Acts as a secondary mail system to send, receive, compose & restore email
  • SSAE16 certified and mirrored Data Centers
  • Secure, centralized, off-site storage
  • Dual encryption to ensure security
  • Ensure instant compliance with stringent industry regulations
  • Secure, centralized, off-site storage
  • Meets compliance, audit, and litigation rules (SEC, FINRA, FSA, HIPAA, SOX, privacy)
  • Tamperproof back-up with write- verification ensures message authenticity
  • Audit tools for policy enforcement
  • Advanced dual encryption to ensure privacy, confidentiality and non-disclosure
  • Comprehensive message audit trail