Virus Protection

What are the costs, both real and hidden, of your systems getting infected by a serious computer virus? According to (January 22, 2010) Computer viruses cost US businesses $55 billion annually. The most surprising data comes from Venture Beat (January 6, 2010), One in three U.S. businesses has no anti-virus protection. Don't get caught by the bug!

At We Are IT, we consistently see that it is much more cost effective to protect your systems from viruses rather than recover from a virus infection. We have implemented virus solutions on dozens of networks so we know how to protect your systems.

For help removing a virus or to protect you from getting viruses before they get you, call us at 816.941.6800.

Maybe it is not a real virus…

Virus Hoaxes can often be just as dangerous as actual viruses. A hoax is a scare tactic sent in an E-mail that warns of something that is NOT a virus at all. For example, a virus hoax might ‘warn’ readers that if they find a specific file on their computer they are infected. They often also warn that antivirus software cannot detect this horrible virus and then instruct the reader to delete the file. The hoax is that the file being deleted is not a virus but an important system file for your computer and deleting it breaks your computer. If you ever receive an E-mail with such a ‘scare’ warning, check here before taking any action. Checking here may save you a big headache and expensive repair bills.

Free Online Virus Scan


To get you on the road to being safe from viruses, we have provided a FREE online Symantec Security Check for your computer. The Symantec Security Check will scan your system for viruses. It will also test your system to see if your computer is exposed to internet hackers.