My company has had a relationship with We Are IT for more than 10 years. A little over a year ago we made the decision to subscribe to the Vigilant IT Assurance service rather than replace our recently departed IT manager. After more than a year on the service, I have found that for roughly the same cost as an in-house IT person, Vigilant IT Assurance has provided my company with better server and workstation monitoring and maintenance than we have ever had. I feel comfortable that our server and workstation environments are up-to-date and running as reliably as ever. The technical support that accompanies the service has been responsive and timely, whether on-site or via remote access. With a year plus of experience with the Vigilant IT Assurance program, I feel my company made the right decision to outsource and trust our IT functions to We Are IT.

Executive Vice President/CFO
(We Are IT Client since 1999)