Total Rescue

When We Are IT recommended their new Total Rescue system, we reviewed the benefits, liked what it had to offer, but nearly decided to "hold off" while we completed a few other projects we had in the works. Thank goodness we didn't! We installed Total Rescue and a couple of weeks later the hard drive in our server failed. Once we realized what was happening, We Are IT was able to activate our Total Rescue system and it just took over, operating in the place of our failed server, within a matter of an hour or so. All of our data was up to date, we barely experienced a blip in our productivity and we continued to operate under Total Rescue while we installed a new server. This was a great decision for us. It worked just as we were told it would and saved us from what would have been an ugly situation.

Vice President
(We Are IT Client since 2008)

Last Monday we opened the office and discovered that two of the drives on our server failed and our server was down. What a way to start the week! We made one call to We Are IT and within two hours we were back in business running off their Total Rescue system. We Are IT ordered replacement drives and within two days we were back running off our own sever. Without the Total Rescue system, we would have been out of business for two days not two hours. What a great team and a great solution.

Executive Vice President
(We Are IT Client since 2011)

We Are IT is fantastic. They are like a silent partner – efficient, knowledgeable, cost effective and easy to work with. The Total Rescue upgrade was a perfect solution – it not only continued to control costs but I have the peace of mind that my information, systems and our business can keep functioning even if the unthinkable happens. Thanks everyone – for being a dependable and vital piece of our Business.

Administrative Services
(We Are IT Client since 2005)