Vigilant IT Assurance

My company has had a relationship with We Are IT for more than 10 years. A little over a year ago we made the decision to subscribe to the Vigilant IT Assurance service rather than replace our recently departed IT manager. After more than a year on the service, I have found that for roughly the same cost as an in-house IT person, Vigilant IT Assurance has provided my company with better server and workstation monitoring and maintenance than we have ever had. I feel comfortable that our server and workstation environments are up-to-date and running as reliably as ever. The technical support that accompanies the service has been responsive and timely, whether on-site or via remote access. With a year plus of experience with the Vigilant IT Assurance program, I feel my company made the right decision to outsource and trust our IT functions to We Are IT.

Executive Vice President/CFO
(We Are IT Client since 1999)

Before We Are IT started managing our network we never knew what to expect from our server and network. The chaos was seriously affecting our business and we didn't feel like were getting straight answers from our previous IT company. With We Are IT and their Vigilant IT Assurance service, our systems are running great and their team has provided excellent support and advice. Now we can focus on our business instead of fighting IT problems. Switching to We Are IT was clearly the right choice.

(We Are IT Client since 2007)

We Are IT has enhanced the productivity of our IT systems. With We Are IT as our consultant, our systems are very reliable and staff can count on their dependability. I have confidence that the Vigilant IT Assurance monitors our systems around the clock. The IT Health Reports that are provided by We Are IT allows problems to be detected and corrected before they cause any interruption in service. The staff at We Are IT are helpful, prompt and very professional. We Are IT, their Vigilant IT assurance system and their staff are an asset to us and a positive solution for Kingswood.

Director of Finance
(We Are IT Client since 2004)

Since We Are IT began managing our IT systems under their Vigilant IT Assurance program we have regained confidence in our IT infrastructure. We Are IT continuously monitors and updates our systems then quickly responds to avoid and resolve problems. Our network is running much smoother and faster. Under Vigilant IT Assurance we can focus on our business objectives and we have reduced our annual IT support cost by nearly $15,000.00. Thank you We Are IT!

President & Owner
(We Are IT Client since 2007)

This service has completely stopped all user complaints about SPAM, especially the offensive kind. What a relief! We were to the point that some users were getting almost desperate about the issue. It's wonderful not having to deal with creating all kinds of Outlook "Rules" that don"t always work as desired anyway. This one thing alone used to take a lot of my time-trying not only to help users set up rules, but figure out what happened to their mail went when the rules they created on their own didn't work as they intended. Love this service.

IT Services
(We Are IT Client since 2008)

Since working with We Are IT, we have found their staff to be knowledgeable, efficient and very easy to work with. We Are IT introduced their Vigilant Assurance program to us which is a proactive measure that brought another level to the partnership we have come to rely upon with them. Initially, we weren't sure that their Total Management services would be a good value for us so we subscribed to their Total Maintenance plan. Although this program maintained and evaluated our systems, we found that our particular situation called for a more integrated program. After about a year we decided to upgrade to the Total Management plan. It has been a great benefit and actually reduced our annual IT support costs. Consistent billing, security, professional assistance and the feeling as if our IT department was just down the hall instead of across town, lets us focus on growing and maintaining our company. What a relief to not worry or wonder about our technology needs; I know that I can count on We Are IT.

Office Manager
(We Are IT Client since 2005)